Working together on a more Circular and Biobased Construction Industry


Working together on a more Circular and Biobased Construction Industry

Locatie: KU Leuven Technology Campus Gent., Gent

Tijden: 09:30 - 15:30 Meer informatie: CBCI final event

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CBCI Final Event

Would you like to contribute to the Circular and Bio-based Construction Industry (CBCI)?
Then join our final event at June 15th from 9:30 till 15:30 (CEST), at
KU Leuven Technology Campus Gent.

What can you expect?

A (partly hybrid) event at KU Leuven Technology campus in Gent. After a word of welcome from Interreg, a round-table discussion together with the experts begins. There, under the leadership of moderator Eva Kamanda, they will have an interactive discussion together with the audience. In the first round, the experts will talk about the legal, technical and financial challenges. In the second round, they will discuss the implementation of CBCI solutions with a focus on living labs, prototyping and suppliers. The conversations will be complemented with informative movies. At the end of the morning all will come together in the conclusions and how to take the next steps.

After lunch the audience at the location can participate in two rounds of five different workshops to go deeper in the topics that interests you and to learn more about our approach, the process, challenges, our lessons learned and practical tools. At the end of the program, the event will be concluded with the whole participants.

Learn from our experts and have your say!

Read more about the program and Sign up! Participation is free.

About the CBCI project

CBCI is a European project involving partners from different countries, varying from education and research institutions to governmental and healthcare institutions and participants from the construction industry. The challenges are related to various stakeholders including education and research institutions, governmental and healthcare institutions and practitioners from the construction industry. What we offer are practical solutions, both in terms of bio-based reusable products as well as processes that will foster a circular and bio-based approach in construction.

Our approach is to contribute from the perspective of project design (practice-research-education link in combination with circularity-biobased-industrial subjects integration).  In this project we had direct interaction with stakeholders and an integral approach focused on business models, technique, tendering and rules and regulations.

Based on the experiences of the living labs, KU Leuven and Emergis, we provide insights for emerging circular and bio-based building concepts. How are they put into practice starting from design phase to utilization phase. Together with experts from different countries, we discuss the challenges from multiple perspectives. What did we learn from this integral approach focused on business models, technique, tendering and rules and regulations?

Will the CBCI contributors see you on June 15th ?

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