MOOC Biobased Economy Introduction

To realize the transition to a biobased economy, we need more professionals! The MOOC Biobased Economy Introduction offers you the opportunity to learn more about biobased in an interactive way.

twee mensen kijken op een laptopThe MOOC Biobased Economy Introduction is a great success. In total, 2211 participants from 49 countries (5 continents) subscribed.  Of these, 445 participants eventually earned a certificate. A very high percentage for a MOOC, which we are proud of!

What is a biobased economy?
Our current economy is a fossil based economy. We are dependent upon oil and gas for our electricity, cooling and heating, fuels for transport, as well as for the production of materials and chemicals. A biobased economy on the other hand, is not dependent upon fossil resources but is based on biomass.

The MOOC Biobased Economy Introduction focuses on green chemistry, technology and environmental science. Participants will gain a general understanding of the following themes and associated topics:

  1. Biobased economy (biobased production chain; dedicated crops and biomass residuals)
  2. Biobased energy (biomass input, processing, conversion; different units of energy)
  3. Biorefinery (features and classification)
  4. Biopolymers (types and biosources; properties for product development; biocomposites)
  5. Natural compounds (metabolism; metabolic pathways; compound classes)
  6. Nutrients (macro and micro nutrients; organic fertilizers)
  7. Algae (production; production systems)
  8. Sustainability and economics (climate; sustainability; forecast)

6th Round starting October 2nd 2017

This eight-week online course provides an overview of the economy surrounding biotechnology. As a participant, you’ll learn about biorefineries, nutrients, biopolymers, bioenergy, and the cycle that takes products from biomass to world markets.

Learning activities include online instructional videos, exercises, interesting guest speakers, and discussions that focus on the theory and practice of companies in the Dutch Delta working in this new economy. Additionally, you can participate in interactive case studies intended to challenge the shared brainpower of course participants.

What will be your role in the transition to a biobased economy? Subscribe now and start thinking biobased!

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