Invitation, natureplus Europe Event Series 2023 5th-15th December 2023

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Join natureplus and its partners for the natureplus Europe Event Series 2023

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“It’s a match! Meeting sustainability goals and European regulations with bio-based and circular construction materials”

Online and in-person events taking place from 5th to 15th December 2023. 

The upcoming revision of the EU Construction-Products-Regulation (CPR) aims to harmonise sustainability standards for construction products and could play a major role in accelerating climate action in the building sector. The European Union has been actively promoting the use of sustainable construction materials and it is envisaged that bio-based, circular, and regional construction materials will likely meet the requirements of the CPR, making it easier for clients and building professionals to meet their net zero commitments.

However, developing a harmonised approach for technical specifications for constructionproducts is complex. To ensure a consistent approach, any new regulations must align with established standards, such as EN15804 for Environmental Product Declarations, and take note of emerging initiatives such as material passports.

natureplus and its partners Agrodome (NL), ASBP (UK), IBO (AT), Baubioswiss (CH) and VIBE(BE) invite clients, building professionals and policy makers to a 10-day event series focusing on emerging product regulations, as the opportunities for bio-based and circular construction materials to lead the way are discussed.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Find out more about the status of the CPR from government representatives from both the European Commission and Parliament. What should we expect and how will the revised regulations interact with emerging policy measures and existing standards and regulations, such as the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan, and those overseen by ‘mirror committees’ in the UK.
  • Consider the expected impactsfor product manufacturers and building professionals, working at both EU-wide and regional levels, including Germany, Austria, Netherlands and the UK.
  • Discuss the opportunities for bio-based and circular construction materials to capitalise on the new regulations, increase market share, and further contribute towards the net zeroand health & well-being agendas.

Registration and programme

Registration is free for members of all hosting associations (natureplus, Agrodome, ASBP, Baubioswiss, IBO, VIBE) and students. Discounts are available for members of partner organisations.

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