Environmental and LCA considerations in the production of bio-based insulation


Environmental and LCA considerations in the production of bio-based insulation

Locatie: University of Bath, Bath

Tijden: 09:45 - 16:15 Meer informatie: https://events.benchmarkemail.com/event/166BD88FEE

ISOBIO Workshop
“Embodied carbon and strategies for reduction”
Event hosted by The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

The workshop, hosted by the University of Bath, will bring together industry and producers of bio-based insulation and the researchers of the ISOBIO project, and will focus on the theme of Environmental and LCA issues in the production of bio-based insulation. The project partners will share their experiences, present the project’s approach and the first 18 month’s results, as well as discuss and gather feedback on the innovative products under development.

The workshop will be followed by a session organised by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products; “Embodied carbon and strategies for reduction”.

The session will start with Dr Jannik Giesekam, from the University of Leeds Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIEMAP). He will summarise the UK construction industry’s progress in reducing embodied carbon and ask how do we turn carbon targets into policy? He will also discuss the drivers and barriers to the adoption of sustainable materials, and introduce a new project assessing public perceptions and experiences of low carbon materials.” Simon Corbey will offer an update on two Innovate UK projects on structural steel reuse and circular economy business models. Gary Newman will describe the opportunity of bio-based materials in the context of carbon reduction and describe the role of policy and decision making tools such as Natureplus and Baubook and seek input into our campaign on embodied and sequestered carbon.

Read more: ISOBIO Workshop “Environmental and LCA considerations in the production of bio-based insulation”
Wednesday 14th september, Bath UK

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